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Magic Shpongle

magic shpongle

Magic Shpongle - 12 days. 

The big round passes through a pearl of Altai - Teletsky lake and conducts further to the south - to the the Chulyshman river valley - the Land of the Wind. We'll go see the main places of this kingdom - the biggest cascade waterfall of Siberia Unchar and Stone Mushrooms - a sand-glass of a leaving Time. Further through Katu Jaryk pass, we'll get out of the Canyon to a highland and go to the Red Gate direction. On the way we will see the barrows of the Pazyryksky Era (2-5 age BC) and picturesque, two thousand meters above sea level, lakes with the elixir of life and death waters. In Aktash we turn to the Chujsky Path and we'll finish our big round in Chemal. We'll visit the main places of interest at this most brisk tourist district and next day we'll start the small scroll of our expedition. There're about 20 km from Chemal to the Elikmonar village by a highway and then turn to off-road  to discover the hidden Northern Altai Factory of Clouds - Karakolsky lakes. This tremendous Place of the Power - 7 lakes in the mountain ridges circus, the Spirits Valley and a magnificent viewpoint at 2 km. altitude over the lake valley!

  • Category: Includes hikes, suitable for moderate fitness people
  • Price excludes: International flights / Passport and Visa charges / Drinks / Items of a personal nature.


Places of the route: