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Caravan Discovery of the Chuya Steppe on Camels



Camel journey - 9 days

We are glad to introduce you the new exclusive route – Caravan Discovering of the Chuya Steppe on camels!

The route will take place in the north-easterly direction from the Kosh-Agach village, at an altitude of 1800 - 2300 above sea level. We’ll have a caravan procession through the most interesting historical and natural attractions of Chuya Steppe such as: the ritual Yiyk mountain, according to the legend in the beginning of the century here has been found the fossilized boat; Saylyugem Mountain, which opens up a wonderful panorama of the Steppe; also we’ll visit valleys of Kokorya, Baylyukem and Burguzun rivers, which are concentrated mass of historical monuments preserved from the Stone Age - such as the Shaman rock, petroglyphs and stone steles; Burguzunsky Spring which used by locals for treating gastro-intestinal tract; koumiss f arm also will be called on the way. This route makes you imbueded with the life of the nomadic tribes and  deeply plunged into the incredible space of the Chuya Steppe!

  • Category: Includes hikes, suitable for moderate fitness people
  • Price excludes: International flights / Passport and Visa charges / Drinks / Items of a personal nature.


Places of the route: